Portrait of Scott Gardner at PAULNACHE by Thomas Teutenberg,sml 2018.jpg

Scott Gardiner’s practice has consistently been engaged with employing strategies that exploit the traditional dialogue between realism, landscape and abstraction. Characteristically involving the examination of force, light and the artists’ personal relationship with the ocean, Gardiner distills the ephemeral qualities of light and motion on water rendered in pigment.



ArtNews NZ ' A sea of contradictions' 2015.









2019 ‘In and out of breath’, Galerie Pompom, Sydney

2018 ‘The depths and the shallows’, Paulnache, New Zealand

2017                           'The Fringes', Paulnache, New Zealand / ‘Night Swimming’, Palmer, Sydney                 

2016                           ‘Disappear here’, Palmer Art Projects, Sydney

2015                           Three Oceans Project pt2, Palmer Art Projects, Sydney Contemporary / Scott Gardiner ‘New Work’, Paulnache, Gisborne, New Zealand / Three Oceans Project pt1, Saskia Fernando Gallery, Colombo, Sri Lanka

2014                            Yield Point, Paulnache, Gisborne, New Zealand / Hold Back, Whitespace, Auckland, New Zealand

2013                            Piece of Sky Pt 1, James Dorahy Project Space, Sydney /  Piece of Sky Pt 2, Whitespace, Auckland, NZ

2012                            Terminus, Paulnache, Gisborne, New Zealand

2011                            Metropolis Now, Whitespace, Auckland, New Zealand

2010                            Traces, Whitespace, Auckland, New Zealand

2009                            Future Memories, Whitespace, Auckland, New Zealand

2008                            Beyond the Pillars of Hercules, Whitespace, Auckland, New Zealand


2018                            'Pulp Fiction', Galerie Pompom, Sydney / Nowhere to Somewhere, Paulnache, New Zealand / Wallace Art Awards, Finalist

2017                            ‘Hyper Hyper’, Michael Reid Berlin, Berlin, Germany / ‘Mix Tape’, Palmer Art Projects, Sydney

2016                             Auckland Art Fair, PAULNACHE BOOTHA3 25-29 May 2016, The Cloud, Waterfront, Auckland, NZ / Group exhibition curated by Hamish Pettengell, Whakatane Museum, Whakatane, New Zealand  / Distant Past - Works selected from the Wallace Arts Trust Collection, Curated by Jessica Douglas, Nina Lala and Lucy Backley, Auckland, NZ   /    It sounds like I missed out on a lot while standing in the middle of the cloud (touring exhibition) curated by Justin Jade Morgan, Ramp Gallery, Hamilton, New Zealand /  Recent Acquisitions, Wallace Arts Center, Auckland, NZ /  ‘Team Work’, Palmer Art Projects, Sydney /  Wallace Art Awards, Finalist

2014                              Wallace Art Awards, Finalist / Melbourne Art Fair, Paulnache /  Lying in space, TSB Bank Wallace Arts Center, Auckland, New Zealand / he Dash, Soma Studios, Sydney

2013                              Lying in space, Paulnache, Gisborne, New Zealand / This is is the new black, James Dorahy Project Space, Sydney / Wallace Art Awards, Finalist / Parallel Lines, Paulnache, Gisborne, New Zealand / Recent Acquisitions, TSB Bank Wallace Arts Centre, Auckland, New Zealand /  Seen Recently, Curated by John Daly-Peoples, Northart, Auckland, New Zealand.

2012                              New Zealand Painting and Printmaking Award, Finalist, Hamilton, New Zealand / Drawing the Line, Whitespace, Auckland, New Zealand / Wallace Art Awards, Finalist / Auckland Art Week, Ponsonby Art Mile

2011                              Wallace Art Awards, Finalist / New Zealand Art, Whitespace, Auckland, New Zealand / First Impressions, TSB Bank Wallace Arts Centre, Auckland, New Zealand / Landscapes Part 2, from the Wallace Trust Collection,   TSB Bank Wallace Arts Centre, Auckland, New Zealand / Artists in Eden

2010                             Landscapes Part 1, from the Wallace Trust Collection, TSB Bank Wallace Arts Centre, Auckland, New Zealand /  BMW Art Awards, Finalist /  Wallace Art Awards, Finalist / Contemporary Landscape, Fisher Brown Gallery, Tauranga / Artists in Eden / TSB Bank Wallace Arts Centre opening exhibition, Auckland, New Zealand                            

2009                               Wallace Art Awards, Finalist / Chorus, Group exhibition, Whitespace, Auckland, New Zealand /             Auckland Art Fair, Whitespace, Auckland, New Zealand / Artists in Eden

2008                               Wallace Art Awards, Finalist /  Los Angeles Art Show, Whitespace, Los Angeles, USA

Collections: Represented in private and corporate collections in New Zealand, Australia and America. Wallace Arts Trust. The Michael Hobbs collection, Artbank.